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About Imagine Grinnell

Imagine Grinnell has been making the Grinnell community healthier and greener for 35 years. Our work is far from done, however.  Now more than ever, we ALL need to stand up for:

  • Better access to healthy food for all, including those in need.

  • Engaging and educational outdoor activities to help everyone take a break from our increasingly “wired” lifestyles.

  • Clean water and air, to reclaim our planet from the world-wide environmental crisis.

Since its founding, Imagine Grinnell has taken a leading role in standing up for healthy people and a healthy world, but we need YOU to help us keep fighting the good fight. Will you take action and make a tax-deductible donation today?

What We Do


In 2018, we hosted educational events, expanded our Giving Gardens and launched a new initiative with Ahrens Park to make park facilities more environmentally-friendly. We also held the area’s first gravel bike tour, raising awareness of our bicycle-friendly community and attracting cyclists from across the region while highlighting the array of community Giving Gardens available throughout Grinnell. Our staff and dedicated volunteers has also nearly completed the three-year fundraising campaign for a new Grinnell skatepark, a task that most communities take ten years to accomplish.

Even as we tighten our belts in 2019 and look for new and innovative ways to fund our programming, we will be launching our most ambitious plan ever.

This year’s new initiatives include:

  • A waste-reduction and recycling project to help address the emerging global garbage crisis

  • The first annual “Prairie Burn 100,” a gravel-biking festival, welcoming riders from across the Midwest and featuring top-notch food and entertainment

  • A new solar-power project to make local businesses greener and more profitable

  • Gardening and skill-sharing events to build community, promote healthy lifestyles and fight poverty

  • A project incubator where locals can pitch their own ideas for community projects and receive IG support


Imagine Grinnell continues to lead the way in so many areas, taking on projects that other organizations have turned down, because it doesn’t fit their mission, for lack of resources or simply a lack of vision for the end state.  Some have affectionately referred to Imagine Grinnell as the “Swiss Army Knife” of community groups-- accomplishing the task that needs to be done with limited tools but lots of imagination.

Since Imagine Grinnell began its work under the name “Grinnell 2000” during the dark days of the 1980’s farm crisis, it has never wavered in its mission to seek innovative solutions to the problems that face the community. 

As we enter the 35th year, we reflect on our past projects including:

  • Starting the first Farmer’s Market in 1986

  • Implementing a volunteer-run recycling facility in 1990 which evolved into one of the first city recycling centers in the state.

  • Working with Trees Forever to encourage tree planting

  • Conducting the Day Care Study in 1992, helping to establish the Grinnell Community Daycare Center.

  • Collaborating with the City on improvements to the Arbor Lake recreation area.

  • Leading the planning and fundraising for the Grinnell Area Recreation Trail.

  • Coordinated community electronic waste collection and managing the E-Community energy conservation program in 2005-6.

  • Procuring the grant to fund a solar array at the Grinnell Middle School in 2010.

  • Co-founding the Grinnell Giving Gardens in 2015.

  • Partnering with Ideal Energy to facilitate 16 solar installations in 2015-16.

Will you help us keep working to make Grinnell the healthiest and most vibrant community it can be? Please make your donation today. We can’t do it without you!