JUNE 11, 2022


The Prairie Burn 100 is about staying active and enjoying the great outdoors. With routes spanning 25, 50 and 100 miles, you don’t have to be a pro gravel cyclist to participate. The event also helps to fund programs of Imagine Grinnell, a non-profit organization supporting a healthy and sustainable Grinnell community.


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  1. Even though this is a laid-back event: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. We will have a limited ability to bail you out if you have a bad experience out on the roads. Know how to fix a flat or at least ride with someone who does. Have a cell phone and a bail-out plan if your ride goes up in smoke.​ Call or text one of the event directors on the phone number included on the info card included on the cue sheets. 

  2. Don't be a jerk. Be respectful to your fellow cyclists, the residents of Grinnell and the members of the rural community. Make everyone glad that you are here. 

  3. ​Obey all traffic laws. 100% of the course will be open to vehicle traffic so don't become a hood ornament.​

  4. Stay to right hand side of the road at all times, especially when cresting a hill. This cannot be stressed enough. Again, don't become a hood ornament. 

  5. There are a few sections of paved road. Some of these paved roads might have traffic. And some of that traffic might not see you or care to slow down. Be vigilant and stay to the right. 

  6. ​Each participant is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which they might be involved. The event organizers accept no responsibility for participants becoming lost, injured or worse. 

  7. ​Do not litter. 

  8. E-bikes are welcome! 

  9. More rules to be provided for 2022 as route is released – stay tuned!




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