Save the date: JUNE 12, 2021

Save the date for our 2021 ride! More details to follow, but check back often and be sure to sign up for our emails to stay in the know. We'll be sure to keep safety at the forefront and look forward to hitting the gravel again this summer.


In its inaugural year, the Prairie Burn 100 had a great turnout of 161 riders from eight states! To see pictures and a course map from the event, click the links below.​​




  1. Even though this is a laid-back event: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. We will have very limited ability to bail you out if you have a bad experience out on the roads. Know how to fix a flat or at least ride with someone who does. Have a cell phone and a bail-out plan if your ride goes up in smoke.​

  2. Don't be a jerk. Be respectful to your fellow cyclists, the residents of Grinnell and the members of the rural community. Make everyone glad that you are here. 

  3. ​Obey all traffic laws. 100% of the course will be open to vehicle traffic so don't become a hood ornament.​

  4. Stay to right hand side of the road at all times, especially when cresting a hill. Again, don't become a hood ornament. 

  5. ​Each participant is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which they might be involved. The event organizers accept no responsibility for participants becoming lost, injured or worse. 

  6. ​Do not litter. 

  7. We will use the honor system to recognize who successfully finished each loop following the prescribed route. If you must leave the route for any reason, then return to the route where you left off, or let the event organizers know that you are bailing. This is for your safety and for the integrity of the ride. 

  8. This is a self-supported ride. Once the cyclists leave Grinnell, no outside support from friends or spectators is allowed. This is for the safety of the participants and spectators as we want minimize vehicle traffic on the course. If a participant needs to quit while out on the course, they may have their support person come and get them. Please contact the event organizer if this is the case so that we don't have to come look for you. 

  9. E-bikes are welcome! Just remember that this isn't a race and be ready in case of battery malfunction. 

  10. There are no official cut-off times for the 25 mile or 50 mile loops but all cyclists must be in by 7:00 PM (9.1 MPH average for those doing the full 100 miles).  This is so that we don't have to come looking for you and so you don't miss out on the live music. 

  11. Cue cards and GPX files will be provided for navigation. Use both so you don't get lost out there. 



Welcome to the Jewel of the Prairie.

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