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JUNE 8, 2024


The Prairie Burn 100 is about staying active and enjoying the great outdoors. New routes this year for the 25, 50 and 100 miles and a race challenge for the 100 mile riders. All riders can test their skills in the Strava Segment Dash for Cash on each of the loops. Prizes will be awarded to the top three riders of the 100 mile ride for women, men and non binary persons. Awards will begin at 2pm.  Bring the entire cycling club, your family or your friends. Coming back this year is the 5K Fun Run for those non gravel bike enthusiasts.

The ride starts at Central Park, Grinnell on Saturday, June 8. 7am for the 100 mile riders, 8am for the 50 mile riders, 9am for the 25 mile riders and 10am for the 5K Fun Run. All riders and runners will receive a free t-shirt and other swag bag items. Be sure to check out our merchandise and order by April 4 for an event delivery date!


The June 8 Prairie Burn now offers even more healthy activities including a 5K fun run taking off at 10 a.m. The run is chip-timed – in case you're into that – and the route takes participants throughout the Grinnell community to return just in time to see the gravel cyclists making their first loop. At a low registration fee of $10, we hope you will sign up and join us for an awesome outdoor day of activities!



9:15 A.M.

Bring your mat and join us at the Central Park amphitheater for an hour of yoga. All ages welcome. No charge.


10 A.M.

Take off from the same start/finish line as the cyclists for a 5K fun run throughout Grinnell. The run is chip-timed this year so runners have the option of an easy jog or a chance at a new PR. Return to a park full of activities and help cheer on the gravel cyclists as they return from their respective loops.


10 A.M – 12 P.M.

With this event laddering up to Grinnell's weekly farmer's market, fresh produce, artistic creations and many other items will be available for sale.


10:30 A.M. – 12 P.M.

Drake Community Library and the Grinnell College Museum of Art will offer free hands-on art and literacy activities for kids and families with drawing, 2 & 3-D collage projects, beading, truck glittering, painting, bookmaking, type-a-thon, and reading activities. No registration is necessary. Supported by Grinnell Education Partnership & AmeriCorps.  


11 A.M. – 3 P.M.

Solera will set up shop in Central Park to offer beer and wine, and food trucks will line up nearby with a variety of food options. Stop by after riding or meet friends at the start/finish line with a drink and grub!


12 – 2 P.M.

The Surf Zombies return to Central Park to set the ambiance for the afternoon. All are welcome to enjoy free music in the park!


2 – 3 P.M.

Join us for the final event of the day – announcing winners on stage in Central Park. Photo ops included!






Important event info and rules. Please read before race day. 5K Fun Run info is at the end.

1. PB100 will occur rain or shine! The first 25/50 mile loops will have hard surface rain re-routes if needed. The last 50 mile loop has significant B-road/dirt sections and will NOT be rain re-routed. The Fun Run may be a mud run…

2. Have FUN and don’t be a jerk! Community comes first, always! Food trucks and our Beverage Garden will be open from 10-4. Enjoy our beautiful town and our premium gravel. Be respectful to your fellow cyclists, the residents of Grinnell and our rural community; do NOT litter. Out on the route, be discreet with any nature breaks.

3. Helmets are required to ride. Each participant is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which they might be involved. The event organizers accept no responsibility for participants becoming lost, injured or worse.

4. Aid Stations will be located at:

10 miles (with van bailout option)

25 miles (Central Park)

35 miles (on route)

50 miles (Central Park)

75 miles (on route)

5. Know how to fix a flat and/or ride with someone who does. Ride with a buddy, even if that’s someone you just met! Please have a cell phone and a bailout plan as we’ll have limited ability to pick up riders with mechanicals. There will be a truck sweep of the entire course at the 10 mph cut-off time. Call or text one of the event directors on the phone number included on the info card/maps if assistance is required.

6. Obey all traffic laws. 100% of the course will be open to vehicle traffic. 25 and 50 mile turns will be marked with arrows, though markers could be disturbed by wind or natural elements. The route for the last 50 miles is on the Ride With GPS file. Camera ready maps of all three loops will be available at signup.

7. Ride Right! Stay to the right hand side of the road at all times, especially when cresting a hill. This cannot be stressed enough. There are a few sections of paved road. Some of these paved roads will have traffic. Front & rear blinky lights are a good idea.

8. 100 Mile Challenge Cup Race and Burner Challenge Segment results will be decided by the PB100 Race Director Committee. Burner Challenge Segments will be recorded with Strava. You must have a Strava account and use it to track your ride to be eligible for King of the Mountain, Queen of the Mountain, and Monarch of the Mountain (non-binary

rider) cash prizes on these three challenge segments.

9. E-bikes are welcome for all distant rides, but are not permitted for the 100 Mile Challenge Cup Race or Burner Challenges.

5K Fun Run Info

1. The Fun Run course will be clearly marked and volunteers will be stationed along the course to keep you on track. The route is a mixture of road, paved trail and gravel trail. When road running, stay to the left side of the road or move to the sidewalks to ensure that you are aware of oncoming traffic.

2. The 5k start/finish line is the same one being used for gravel riders. There may be riders passing through during the start and finish of the fun run. At the start and finish, stay in the designated runners chute on the right side of the road. Cyclists will be directed to the left chute, but BE ALERT. Gravel riders will be moving fast.

3. Be cautious when crossing Park St. before and after the run. Again, you are sharing this part of the road with riders.




Staying in Grinnell? Download our restaurant guide!

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