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Are you interested in riding gravel? You should roll with us! We offer clinics and rides to get you on the gravel safely. Even if you're used to trails or haven't gotten on two wheels for a few years, we feel pretty confident that you'll love our community and mentorship.

See below for details on our year-round programming. We've also included a link to our favorite gravel routes via Ride with GPS! And as with most things we do, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for clinic and event updates – we’ll email important info as well, so make sure you sign up for our email list to prevent missing out!



The main event: our annual gravel bike ride with routes spanning 25, 50 and 100 miles.



Local clinics offered throughout the winter months to prepare for weekly rides and the main event.


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No-drop rides every Tuesday at 5:30pm in Grinnell with a variety of routes and rewards.


Join our Burner Gravel Clinics, a series of informational sessions designed to help get you on the gravel roads. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for dates, times and locations.

Previous clinics have covered the following topics:


Riding Essentials

Learn what's needed to hit the gravel including the types of bikes and tires that work best on gravel, a helmet, lights, our favorite weather appropriate gear and helpful apps (like Strava!).


Prepare for Takeoff

Now that you have gathered your essentials to ride, let’s make sure you’re ready to use it! We’ll help you make sure your bike is set to the proper fit, your tires are a suitable size and pressure and more. This is a great time for Q&A on tech specs!


What to Expect

As we dream about warmer weather, let’s talk about what to expect on a typical gravel ride. For safety purposes, everyone should know how to change a tire! We’ll show you how to do that and discuss the importance of the buddy system, how to avoid/deal with dogs and share even more fun happenins we’ve run into out there.


Training Tips & Routes 

It’s almost time to ride! We’ll share local in-town routes and training tips to get you started and prepared for our weekly gravel rides and the main Prairie Burn 100 event!

Burner Gravel Clinics


When daylight allows, we gather at Bikes To You (921 Broad St.) each Tuesday and take off on a no-drop ~20 mile / 12K ride at 5:30pm. We'll keep our focus on clinics and singular training during the winter months, but be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram accounts for ride updates.

Weekly Rides_edited.jpg
Weekly Rides
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