We are stoked to offer Primal gear for purchase. Order by April 21 and your items will be available for (safe) pickup at the June 12 event. 

If you miss the deadline, no problem! We'll have gear for sale through the event and you can order for delivery straight to your door (estimated delivery of 7/16).

JUNE 12, 2021

Get ready to ride! This event is about staying active and enjoying the great outdoors. With routes spanning 25, 50 and 100 miles, you don’t have to be a pro gravel cyclist to participate.


This year, we’re making registration easy – all we request is a free will donation as your entry fee! A basic donation of $5 will help to cover processing fees. Additional contributions from ten dollars to ten hundred will help to support Imagine Grinnell’s nonprofit initiatives including financial assistance for the JPK Fund, a local mental health consortium.

Everyone who enters receives a free, quality mask with x-frame for comfortable breathing. We will be practicing social distancing and protocols throughout this event with the goal to maintain the health and safety of all our riders. Register today and be sure to check out our cool swag options!




Nope, but go ahead and git 'er done in a hurry if that's what you want. This event is about having a good time, making connections and promoting all the good that comes from cycling. Proceeds from the event will go to Imagine Grinnell, a non-profit organization that makes the world a better place (or at least towns named Grinnell).


Ride Details: The course this year starts at the Grinnell High School. The course makes an initial 25 mile "Spark" loop. Pull your iron out of the fire at that point if you want to or continue on for a second, different 25 mile loop to complete the 50 Mile "Bonfire." For the ultimate gravel goodness, complete the final 50 mile loop for the full-on Prairie Burn 100.  Each loop of the course returns to the start at Grinnell High School. There will be various opportunities to refuel at the starting location and out on the course. Social distancing measures will be maintained throughout the event including staggered starts. There will not be a mass start but instead suggested starting times for the various distances between 6:00-8:00 am so that riders can enjoy the benefit of the aid stations in a timely manner. Due to the pandemic, we won't be having the beer garden and live music but we will be focusing on all the fun that can be had on two wheels on the beautiful Iowa countryside. 

Further details will be provided to registered riders via e-mail. See the Event Info page for more details including the route. 




​Interested in supporting our event? Contact us at info@prairieburn100.com for sponsorship and partnership info. ​Proceeds from the Prairie Burn 100 benefit Imagine Grinnell, a non-profit organization supporting a healthy and sustainable Grinnell community, and the JPK Fund, a local mental health consortium. Please consider contributing to make a lasting impact on our town and to help make future Prairie Burn events bigger and better.