JUNE 12, 2021

Save the date!

Get ready to ride! In an effort to keep it safe, we're still working out the details. Check back often for updates and sign up for our email list to receive the most up-to-date notifications.



Nope, but go ahead and git 'er done in a hurry if that's what you want. This event is about having a good time, making connections and promoting all the good that comes from cycling. Proceeds from the event will go to Imagine Grinnell, a non-profit organization that makes the world a better place (or at least cities named Grinnell). The course makes an initial 25 mile "Spark" loop. Pull your iron out of the fire at that point if you want to or continue on for a second, different 25 mile loop to complete the 50 Mile "Bonfire." For the ultimate gravel goodness, complete the final 50 mile loop for the full-on Prairie Burn 100. Each loop of the course returns to the start at Central Park so you can refuel as needed. Everyone is invited to enjoy live music and awesome food at Central Park after the ride. To foster a more casual vibe, there will be no official results apart from a list of successful finishers of each course. 


​Interested in sponsoring our event? Download our media kit for details or contact Katy Wells at katy@doubleyoumarketing.com. ​Proceeds from the Prairie Burn 100 benefit Imagine Grinnell, a non-profit organization supporting a healthy and sustainable Grinnell community. Please consider contributing to make a lasting impact on our town and to help make future Prairie Burn events bigger and better.

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